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Unique Ingredients

Pure and Certified Onsen Water

For centuries, the Japanese have bathed in ONSEN thermal springs and enjoyed their hydrating, medicinal and rejuvenating effects. Our Pure and Certified Onsen Water contains many minerals and salts, such as metasilicic acid, which is the foundation of ONSEN JAPONICA’S enhanced water and moisture absorption and retention function. The active ingredients permeate the skin to achieve a highly beneficial moisture balance. Our Pure and Certified Onsen Water is the only ONSEN WATER approved by the government of Japan to be used in Cosmetics and is derived from the Toyama prefecture in Japan. We pride ourselves on our authentic naturally sourced Japanese ingredients and their powerful benefits.

Most skincare is a mixture of up to 90% plain water. With Onsen Japonica, we can assure you our water is 100% Pure, Certified and active in the treatment and hydration of your skin. Formulas are blended with Sacran, a water retention ingredient, to help you maintain a deep hydration effect. In a fusion of science and tradition, our formulas deliver the deepest hydration results of true ONSEN WATER to modern skincare.


In 2006 a professor from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, discovered that Sacran could be extracted from Suizenji Nori (a fresh water algae found in parts of Kyushu Japan). Sacran is a precious natural ingredient with extremely high water retention capability. SACRAN has the ability to absorb up to 6,000 times its weight in water, which gives it excellent moisturising effectiveness in cosmetics and is 6x the retention effect of hyaluronic acid (a common ingredient in skincare and anti-aging cosmetics).

SACRAN acts like a sponge absorbing moisture. When combined with ONSEN WATER, it allows this water to be retained in the skin to deeply hydrate and moisturise. The characteristics of SACRAN are similar to human cells and therefore it has a remarkable affinity for human skin and is effective in the treatment of dry, delicate and sensitive skin.

Fermented Rice Lees

Fermentation is in many of the iconic foods of Japan, such as miso, soy sauce and natto. These foods have contributed to the make the Japanese life expectancy, the highest in the world, and providing the Japanese with beautiful complexions. While the profound benefits of fermentation in foods have long been known, its introduction to the cosmetics world is exciting new technology.

The health benefits were long known by master sake brewers from their experience. Their hands remain fair and well-moisturized even after years of hard labor. After years of research and development, we have discovered fermented rice lees by re-fermenting sake lees with a type of lactobacillus found in sake lees itself.

Our fermented rice lees are developed by a sake brewer in the Fukui prefecture. This raw ingredient contains linoleic acid and arbutin glycoside, which have excellent whitening effects and are also used to prevent spots and freckles.


Kucya, translated to English from Okinawa dialect, means mud. This mud is only found in the Southern regions of Okinawa island in Japan. Kucya, or sometimes referred to as Kucha, is over tens of thousands of years old and consists of fine clay particles extracted from the sea bed. This sea silt is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

It is believed the revered mud has been a long-loved beauty regimen since the Ryukyu Dynasty era. Okinawan women used dried Kucha sea mud as a hair treatment powder, and also applied it directly to the face as a facial treatment. We now bring you modern convenience in a detoxifying and hydrating cleanser. Kucya is extremely mineral rich and provides your skin with nutritional nourishment whilst the fine clay particles delicately remove impurities and pore-clogging debris without stripping away essential nutrients or moisture needed for cell renewal.Leaving you with beautiful, deeply cleansed and hydrated skin.

Water and Age Prevention

The human body consists predominantly of water. The amount of water contained in our body gradually lowers with age from 90% in the fetus to 70% in children, then to 50% in the elderly.

Water and water retention are essential for the creation and maintenance of beautiful skin. If skin doesn’t contain sufficient water, the permeability of beauty products decreases. Skin that has lost its water retention capability is not able to maintain sufficient water under the epidermis, even if well moisturised on the surface. This is referred to as inner dryness. If moisturiser is applied the skin cannot absorb it and it will consequently evaporate.

The Onsen Japonica Skincare range has been designed to ensure enhanced water absorption, deep treatment of the epidermis and retention of water in the skin to improve one’s natural beauty and skin health.