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Unprecedented experience! Best cleanser I have ever used. Bubble is so silky and smooth on the skin and I can feel the complete cleaning in pores and on the skin. Remarkable, as even after cleaning, my skin was highly moisturized as if I was using a moisturizer. It didn’t feel slimy or greasy at all, instead, refreshing moist skin! I do feel the dual effect of cleansing and moisturizing at once. I highly recommend this product for those who seek a refreshing, cleaning and moisturizing cleanser. Rough, dry skin after cleansing is now old problem!

Same as Gel, and super permeability! It spreads out so smoothly. I will definitely continue using this toward and in winter. Only with this serum I do not feel I need to use any other moisturizer. Ever since I started to use it I have great skin condition and my rough skin has gone, plus I now see less spots and pimples.

Remarkable permeability! Again, 1st ever experience I can feel the gel go into the skin and immediately notice the high water retention. It spreads up wonderfully after application - smooth but highly moisturizing. In the morning, I now feel my makeup sits so well and even my face looks much brighter.

Yurika, 36

Truly amazed with its rich and elastic bubble despite small portion of usage! Learned the perfection on cleansing by the bubble, first time! I also feel the complete cleansing even in the pores of my skin and my face actually gets brighter! Highly moisturizing and smooth which even cheers me up and makes me joyful everyday thanks to this cleanser!

I’m inexperienced at using Serum, but had moist skin and it felt smooth and refreshing to use. My skin never felt oily. The 2 steps - Cleanser and Serum - makes my skin feel as if I enjoyed bathing at the real ONSEN! Very special product!

Again, despite small portion of usage, it really spreads out so smoothly with immediate high permeability that allows the dual moisture effect after cleansing. Thanks to the premium ONSEN water, I really feel high moisture and tighter, soft skin.

Rimi, 36

Over 40s, I always felt itching on my face and suffered from severe dryness. Encountering this product has changed my life! So creamy that I have never experienced this before. Even a tiny portion makes rich bubbles – amazing. The daily use even changed my skin, losing brown spots and skin dullness. Now I look 5 years younger! I will definitely continue using this! Greatly satisfying!

Again, perfect fit to my aged 40 dry skin! Spreads up remarkably well and instant recognition of hydration reaching deep into the skin and gratification. Next morning, my skin still has high moisture levels and is smooth and soft. I now am thrilled to wake up in the morning!

This Gel perfectly fits to me - even better fit than Serum - and it has amazing permeability! I can feel it!! Thanks to the ONSEN Water effect, I believe I can feel that my skin is changing, it’s now moist and soft, as if I am touching baby skin! I am using Cleanser + Serum + Gel, and I am confident that using this combination onward, I can change myself and have plump beautiful skin.

Kaoru, 42

I have always struggled to find a skincare product that was honest in its description as to what is 'natural' and what it truly contains. I've found that Onsen Japonica is transparent in their approach, unlike many brands that claim their product is something that it is not. Having sensitive but dry skin I needed something that didn't contain harmful ingredients but was still effective in doing its job. These products have not disappointed, allowing me to achieve a balance in my skin that I have been searching for. The complete regime package showed impressive results within a short period of time unlike many other products I have tried in the past.

Having struggled with breakouts through my adolescent years I like to give my skin a deep cleanse often so that I feel clean and fresh. This deep hydrating cleanser gives me great hydration results but is also one of the only products that can reduce the appearance of any of my spots that might appear. -Fresh -Very effective -Made my skin feel instantly clearer

Being the daughter of a beauty therapist I was always told that I was never too young to start really looking after my skin. This night serum feels weightless on my skin and I can sleep easy knowing my skin will be replenished when I wake up. -Soothing and calming -Very hydrating

This is by far my favourite skincare secret. I have used Darphin and Dior moisturisers in the past and loved the freshness of them but hated their fragrance and additives, which made my skin react. This moisturiser is so smooth and gentle and has no 'nasties' in it so my skin feels hydrated rather than irritated. The clear gel shows that it is in its natural form which is what caught my attention. -Smooth -Gentle -Fresh - My favourite product!

Sammie, 19

As someone who previously used coconut oil on their skin I was initially skeptical about spending more money and getting better results. But after using the Onsen Japonica cleanser, gel and serum for 4 weeks I was amazed at the results. My skin was definitely more luminous looking and felt hydrated all day. I have regular facials and my beautician even asked me what I was using as there was such a marked improvement in my skin texture and tone. I’ll definitely keep using this regime!

I really liked this product, it certainly removed all my makeup and didn’t dry out or pull on my skin. I have sensitive skin so I was worried about flare-ups after using for a few days but my skin just continued clearing up and becoming smoother. The lack of added fragrance and the fact you need to use very little is a bonus too.

I used this at night with the gel and it’s my absolute favourite. I only needed one pump worth and it covered my face and neck, sinking in really quickly and leaving me with a softer feel to my skin. Despite using both products together it didn’t cause blemishes or spots, just a more nourished and fresher looking skin by morning. There are no claims to reduce wrinkles but I noticed a reduction in fine lines after 4 weeks due to the skin looking more plumped up and supple – a great side-effect!

I’m used to using oil but this gel is really light and sinks in really quickly leaving no residue. The Onsen Water and Sacran algae obviously work to make sure the moisture stays locked deep in my skin. After 4 weeks my skin tone was brighter and more even with smaller pores and a dewy complexion.

Caroline, 43

I was really excited to try the Onsen Japonica range because I’ve always been fascinated with the way many Japanese women achieve such a smooth, flawless complexion. I wanted to know their secrets, and the Onsen Japonica range is a great opportunity to tap into some ancient skincare practices from this part of the world.

I’ve always found it a battle to find a cleanser that gives my pores a deep clean without leaving my face stripped of moisture. I felt you could either have a gentle cleanser or a thorough cleanser, but not both. The Onsen Japonica cleanser actually washes away the day really efficiently, but my skin never feels dry or tight afterwards. Amazing.

At first, I wondered how such a light serum could be so effective, but I soon realised that its low viscosity allows it to soak in really easily. It delivers these amazing natural botanicals while I’m sleeping and I can see my skin tone becoming more even. My pigmentation has also faded.

My skin is often on the dry side, so I tend to be drawn towards moisturisers that are thick and creamy. However, these sometimes feel like they are just sitting on top of my skin and not soaking in. They can also feel heavy in tropical climates like Singapore. The gel feels like a blast of moisture that instantly soaks into my skin. My skin’s surface then feels nourished and plumped. I find it is a really good primer, because it creates a smooth surface that my foundation easily blends into.

Sarah, 40