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Our origin

For centuries, the Japanese have bathed in ONSEN thermal springs to access the intrinsic hydrating and restorative benefits of the mineral rich water. The ONSEN ritual soothes and rejuvenates skin, promoting a healthy, youthful complexion.

Skin hydration is crucial in maintaining the structural integrity of your skin and allows it to perform other important functions such as immune surveillance and response, antimicrobial functions, and antioxidant activities. The Onsen Japonica range was developed to harness the hydrating benefits of Japan's thermal and medicinal water. All our products are wholly sourced and perfected in Japan. In a fusion of science, tradition, and nature, we have created a unique formula to bring the powerful benefits of authentic ONSEN WATER to modern skincare.

Our philosophy

To deliver Japanese beauty, quality and innovation to the world. Our multifunctional skincare range will brighten, hydrate and care for your skin through our unique combination of natural activators. Regardless of your age or skin concern we know you will achieve beautifully radiant skin using our unique blends.

Our pure certified onsen water

The Japanese have long enjoyed the tradition of bathing in Onsen thermal spring water and its proven hydrating, medicinal and rejuvenating effects. Our entire Onsen Japonica range contains pure, certified ONSEN WATER, sourced from the only ONSEN spring approved by the Japanese government for use in cosmetics. We pride ourselves on our authentic, naturally sourced, Japanese ingredients and their powerful benefits.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our Japanese ingredients are carefully chosen for their skin enhancing qualities. Our formulas are delicately blended using our unique combination of science, innovation and nature. This results in the highest quality Japanese beauty products. Our facility is licensed to manufacture cosmetics under the stringent Japanese pharmaceutical affairs law and has been in operation for over 50 years. All our products are independently tested and certified to ensure the quality, performance and safety.

Our Innovative Ingredients

At Onsen Japonica, we believe in the power of natural Japanese ingredients and take pride in bringing these natural wonders to the world. Our ONSEN WATER is collected from Toyama Prefecture – an area blessed with rich nature and abundant hot springs. Our SACRAN and FERMENTED RICE LEES are hand-picked and locally sourced.

Pure certified ONSEN WATER delivers deep moisture absorption. Nori-extracted SACRAN offers 6 times the water retention effect of Hyaluronic acid. FERMENTED RICE LEES act to boost skin brightness and aid in the treatment of spot discoloration and freckles. KUYCA MUD deeply cleanses and reduces the appearance of visible pores and blemishes. Combined together, these natural products can help you achieve a radiant, younger looking complexion that is more youthful and deeply nourished.